Introducing Bribie Island Central – same local centre, fresh new name

Over the past two years, our Centre has staged improvements to the centre ambience and amenities, to further develop a sense of community belonging and enhance the shopping experience. From Wednesday 19th April 2023, the Centre welcomes a fresh new name and brand, to complement the evolution of the centre.

Our Centre has evolved over the past two years, introducing new and improved amenities and parents room supporting all members of the community including new and growing families. A fresh new look Woolworths with direct to boot service has been well received by locals and most recently the centre has installed new furniture for the comfort of shoppers.

'Bribie Island' remains a significant part of our name and identity as it is the location we reside. 'Central' represents a vital destination of commerce, community and a central meeting point for locals. The look and feel of the four logo marks ensure a sense of belonging to our community, as they represent the natural and lifestyle elements found in our Bribie Island community and Moreton Bay region.

Enjoy the new welcoming external signage and check out more about the new branding via our Centre’s social media.